Tuesday, October 27, 2015

David Beckham to play Football in Nepal!

There is a rumor going around that David Beckham is coming to Nepal for a charity game for UNICEF. It is reported that David Beckham will play 7 matches in 7 continents. He will be accompanied by the film crew for a documentary. The last match will be held at Old Trafford where he will captain The Great Britain (coached by Sir Alex Ferguson) against the Rest of the World captained by Zinedine Zidane.
However, All Nepal Football Association has not confirmed the greatest No. 7 visit yet.

Shristi Shrestha is drop-dead gorgeous

There must be hardly anyone who doesn't recognize her pretty face and stunningly sexy body. She is sexy, elegant and drop-dead gorgeous.  The only distraction in this video is the guy :) who seems simply unfit for this video.

Its an old song, but its worth revisiting again.

Jhaakas Jhapali a hit Nepali Song

Jhaakas Jhapali has to be the  most entertaining song at the moment. The song has already been appreciated by many people and has been receiving praises for its new flavor. Audience  are eagerly  waiting for the movie "Rato Ghar" to hit the theaters.  The movie has already been premiered on the red carpet in UK on July 2015, however the actual release date of the movie has been revealed yet.

The teaser of the movie looks promising and  actors seem quite comfortable in their roles. Well, will find out soon, how appealing this movie will be to our audience.



Thursday, September 3, 2015

Superstar in Making : Nazir Hussain

Nazir Hussain is the most talked about names after the release of Hostel Returns. His brilliant performance in Hostel Returns is a testimony to his natural acting skills. If sources are to be believed then he learnt his acting skills from theater. His boy next door look has successfully helped him gain love from young Nepali audience.

Source: Facebook

Nepali Movies Competing for Oscars

This year there are four Nepalese movies will be competing for Oscars; TalakJung Vs Tulke, Bhimdatta, Nishani and Sunpani. As per Chiranjivi Guragain, the Committee Secretary, the final pick will be made on October 1 and will be sent for the Oscar nominations. The time will tell which movie will be decided by the Jury for this year nomination. All these four films have thier own significance ranging from historical implications to cultural importance and taboos. Lets hope for the best and may the best win.

Kabbadi team is back with the bang : Teaser of "Kabbadi Kabbadi"

The makers of the upcoming comedy movie unveiled a special teaser of the film   "Kabbadi Kabbadi". The movie is most likely to be released in the starting months of 2016. The movie is directed by Ram Babu Gurung and features the same cast and crew of its prequel "Kabbadi". A glimpse of Saugat Malla in the teaser makes the teaser even more worth watching.

The presence of Dayahang Rai and his impeccable acting skills is an acing to this new teaser. It looks very refreshing and is a must watch movie in our  movie list.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Priyanka Karki Singing

PK has added another passion to her passion list. And seems like singing is surely one of them. Her recent attempt to sing  "Timi le Ta Hoina" has gotten many people curious. The hike in YouTube hits clearly indicates that you ca n love her or hate or but surely you cannot ignore her

She is venturing out and its for you to decide how she sounds in the song below. Please check out the link below

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Manisha Koirala likely to return to India in July

Actor Manisha Koirala, who is undergoing treatment in New York, US, for ovarian cancer, will most probably return to India in July, according to Subroto Ghosh, her manager. “Manisha is recovering well. She is better now. Most probably, she will return to India by July.Nothing is decided now, but if things go well, then she might be back in India by July,” says Subroto.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Manisha Koirala's cancer surgery successful

Manisha Koirala, who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, underwent a successful surgery in New York Monday.

"Manisha underwent a surgery on Monday at around 9 a.m. I got a message from her family members and they said it was a successful surgery," Subroto Ghosh, Manisha`s manager, told IANS.

"Manisha`s mother, father and her brother are by her side. One of her close friends is also there with her," he added.
May god give her strength to move forward with her life. Everyone has been praying for her speedy recovery. And every one is indeed thankful to God that surgery was successful.


Manisha Koirala Confirms She Has Ovarian Cancer

Manisha Koirala has assured fans that she is in “good hands” amid reports that she is suffering from ovarian cancer. The 42-year-old actress is currently in the U.S. for treatment. In a Facebook message, Manisha hoped that she would recover but stayed mum on her diagnosis. “Dear friends thank you for all your wishes... I m in good place n in good hands..with all your love n prayers I’m sure I’ll recover...it was shocking to know but then life is full of surprises...one must deal with it n move on with faith n dignity.[sic],” 
Manisha wrote Dec. 7. “...what ever is the out come its for best..I know that...so pl don’t worry...I have had a beautiful life so far n I know, what ever will happen will all be good...thank you from bottom of my heart for your prayers...love m koirala.” 
In a similar message, Manisha wrote, “Dear friends I m writing this as a request..pl no sadness,I havev told my closest friends n family too..this is part of life..I m fine n will be fine no matter the out come..I m in gratitude with all the gifts I have received from this life..like your love n prayers..lets celebrate life in all forms..thank you again for ur prayers...love m.” 

Kamasutra in 3D!!!

Kamasutra in 3D... does it get any better than that!!
Shrelyn Chopra,  the first Indian woman to uncover in Playboy magazine, will be the playing in the upcoming Kamasutra 3D movie.
There is a huge expectations from this movie and people are waiting for this movie to come out.
It has been said that she will be dancing with group of naked babes. The song will be shot in Rajasthan, but the makers are tight lipped about the exact location of the shoot.

   In the poster, Sherlyn is seen wearing an ethnic outfit, holding a lamp and playing with the flame with a hint of curiosity in her smile.  The movie is believed to be the most erotic Indian film ever made.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rekha Thapa's love for nation

As many of us know, Rekha Thapa is in the US. Recently she has posted few photos of hers on Facebook  that has gotten many of her fans attention. She was seen wearing a Nepali scarf obviously representing Nepal. But unfortunately that was not perceived very well by her fans and was accused of being too western. Hurt by such an insensitive accusations she said  "“I Love my country Nepal for ever.”. 

rekha thapa shows nepal flag

To show her love and passion towards the country in the above picture you can see her wearing a Nepali flag on her chest. Rekha Thapa has been known for her bold statements and bold movies


Diya Maskey on Sex...

In a candid interview with model Diya Maskey, here is what she has to say about sex and love. 

1.How do you define sex?
It’s a natural phenomenon given to us by nature. It is a basic necessity to all.

2.Many people perceive sex to be “not a big deal”…what is your say?
I don’t agree. If it were not a big deal for me, then maybe I would have experienced sex since childhood!
3.What difference do you find between sex and love?
There is a big difference. In love, lust is inevitable. There are people who experience sex to fulfill their physical necessity but for me, without love, sex is impossible.

4.So you do not believe in lust without love?
I believe love and lust should be balanced. If it’s just sex, then there are high chances of crimes being committed like rape.

5.Is it appropriate for people to use ‘sex dolls’?
I guess it’s better than falling into bad relations and getting STDs….but I’m not sure about that.

6.Do you consider sex before marriage appropriate?
If two people understand and are loyal to each other…then, I don’t consider it inappropriate. It’s okay.
source: Glamournepa


Chit Chat with Udita Goshwani in Nepali

Here’s Bollywood actress Udita Goswami speaking in Nepali on  Beyond Nepal, Himalaya TV. 
Never seen any Bollywood actress speaking in Nepali so nicely with a different accent. Udita shares that her mum hails from Shillong and her paternal grandmother was originally from Janakpur in Nepal.
Well if you watch the entire interview, then you can feel the Nepali Pan in Udita's attitude. She grew up listening to Nepali Songs, and  eating Nepali food. She seems to be very carefree and down to earth person. She also shares given a nice script from a nice director she would not mind working on Nepali Movies.

 Watch what this hot , sizzling and intelligent actress shares in Nepali...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What do you think about this song from Movie "Luck"

 No words can describe the vulgarity demonstrated in this song. The obscene lyrics cannot be criticized more ...You have to watch the video to understand what it is about.  Not sure who the song was targeted to, but from the video it looks like its a perfect fit for the Dance Bars and its customers.

Nepali Movie industry should not try to push their luck too much. They need to understand the sensitivity of the subject matter and its audience.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nepali : Sir & Student Part 1


Sunny Leone disgrace to women

Everybody by now should know who Sunny Leone is. Just in case if there are people out there who don't know let me tell you who is she. Sunny Leone is a pornographic actress who has acted in 41 adult movies. She got into limelight after she entered Big Boss, season 5 of Indian reality show. If you ask me , I had no clue who she was until recently. ( that is after I watched big boss)

 I have no problem with the porn industries and porn stars. But standing naked in front of the camera and getting intimate with guys doesn't make you star. And that is exactly the case of Sunny Leone. She did some B grade porn movies with her ex boyfriends and her current husband and got some recognition and now she is a self claimed porn star.

 Now, Let me get back to why I think she is a disgrace to women. Let me be very clear its not because of what profession she chooses. Like she claims its her body she should be able to do whatever she wants to do with it. (I am not going to comment on that either) The recent comment she made on RAPE is what ticked me off. She twitted “Rape is not a crime, it is surprise sex”. However, she soon realized her mistake and deleted her tweet, but by then it had been already retweeted by several of her fans and was creating a buzz on Twitterverse. When I read about her tweet I could not believe that someone can actually write that and make such an insensitive comment about the most heinous crime of our society. She compared Rape with a surprise sex, and not just she compared it but had the audacity to tweet and feel good about it. This clearly shows what kind of person she is and her mind set and her low level thinking. Probably her brain is the size of lettuce who cannot think beyond sex. Well, if you think about it, all her life she posed naked in front of camera and got recognized for that. Now she is in India trying to do some movies, when clearly she cannot act. People who have seen Jism 2 will know what I am taking about. I have no clue why Indian media has given her so much hype. Her insensitive comment about the Rape should be taken seriously. From time to time she has been making insulting remarks to women. In one of her interviews she said "Porn stars are not prostitutes". Who is she to judge prostitutes and make a derogatory remark on them. The way I look at it , Porn Stars are by choice where as prostitutes are by force. No women wants to be a prostitute. Circumstances make them prostitutes. (at least in many cases)

So here is my suggestion to her, next time before she makes a comment she needs to inject her brain with some level of dignity and intelligence. Not everyone's life revolve around sex, porn movies and stripping naked in front of camera.

Rekha Thapa talks about her eductation

Actress Rekha Thapa had wanted to head the Nepal Film Development Board (FDB), but her peers had rejected Rekha for not being competent enough. In response to her rejection, Rekha had organized the meet the press event in New York during her month-long visit to USA. Rekha Thapa had stopped her education after SLC and she didn’t go to college. In the meet-the-press event held in New York, she told that some people call her ‘uneducated’ because of the lack of higher education. She added – those who call her uneducated are fool themselves. She called herself a knowledgeable and capable person in her profession. To explain her point, she told that she has done more than any educated person in Nepal has done. She also gave an example of the prime minister who is a PhD degree holder. At this time, he is considered unsuccessful in the role of the prime minister. Explaining the reason behind the lack of university degree Rekha told, she started working at 16 and didn’t get time to attend colleges. She stressed that the shooting spot is her college and the camera, scripts and other aspects of shooting are her books. One thing is clear about Rekha Thapa that she is not scared to speak up her mind. She knows what she is talking about and how to handle the press. Tough childhood has definitely made her shell that is hard to crack. I believe education matters, but it is totally unwise to judge a person based on the educational background. You guys can decide the rest.....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rajesh Hamal has a Girl Friend!!!!

Our one and only Nepali Superstar Rajesh Hamal has finally decided to tie a knot with his girl friend. He has revealed that he has found the girl of his dream and is planning to get married soon. For a long time Rajesh Hamal has kept his personal life secret and now that he has finally spoken about his marriage intentions everyone is waiting to see pictures of his would be wife. About his bride-to-be, all Rajesh told was that, she doesn’t belong to the Nepali Movie Industry.The love affair has already been going on for the last two years. Rajesh told that he first met his 25-year-old girlfriend in Myagdi.

New Nepali Movie BodyGuard Trailer (बडीगार्ड)

Movie: BodyGuard (बडीगार्ड) Starring: Akash Shah & Saujanya Subba Music/Lyrics: Hari Lamsal Choreographer: Babbu Thapa Producer: Sushil Pokhrel Direction: Rajendra Uprety

New Nepali Movie "Om"

Cast : Jharana Thapa, Suman Singh, Dikchay Kuwar, Dil Gurung, Milan Joshi, Kamal, N.B. Maharjan, Mohan Joshi Music: Dinesh Sunam Cinematographer: Durga Poudel Choreographer: Ramji Lamichhane Editor: Banish Shah Action: Roshan Shrestha Producer: Rajesh Khadgi, Bhupal Karki Director: Ramji Lamichhane

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Must Watch Speech Nepali best actress Sumina Ghimire

This has to be one of the most hilarious speech given by any award winners. Why do they choose to speak in English when they know they are not good at it. Its absolutely fine to speak in Nepali and people should not be ashamed to say that they are not comfortable talking in English. No one is going to judge them for not knowing English. Such a poor delivery of speech is very humiliating for herself.

Sumnima Ghimire lesson for you : Either learn English or stick to Nepali Language.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nepali Short Film : Bau Ko Facebook - Antim (The End)

Bau Ko Facebook - Antim (The End)

Duration : 16:36 min

Directed By : Rabi Lama

Dharmesh Shrestha, Raaz Shrestha, Penjee Yeong, Sharmila Dong, Ajay K.C & Suri

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal's fairy tale wedding

Manisha Koirala’s marriage celebrations took place at the Gokarna Forest Resort in Kathmandu. The traditional Nepali marriage was held on Saturday at the Courtyard and the outstation guests stayed at the beautiful cottage-style rooms of the resort. The venue for the Sunday reception is Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel and over 3,000 guests including President Ram Baran Yadav, prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Maoist chief Prachanda and former King Gyanendra are expected to attend. The wedding venue, Gokarna Forest resort is located at the serene Gokarna Forest, the former private Royal hunting grounds of the Kings of Nepal. The quiet peaceful haven has ancient towering trees, winding roads and a beautiful valley view.

At the pre-wedding function, Manisha, 41 looked pretty in a yellow saree with gold embroidery and a traditional green garland (made of sewn grass, it is worn by Nepali brides and grooms to bring good luck). Samrat, 33 wore a classic western suit. For the wedding, Manisha wore red while Samrat wore a traditional costume. A Nepali wedding function is a long one, it takes over three hours, and some of Manisha’s Bollywood friends like Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover, Deepti Naval, Vivek Mushran, Suman Ranganathan and designer Ana Singh were there. After the ‘kanyadan’ (send-off), Samrat took his bride to his parents home at Maharajgunj in a procession accompanied by a wedding band that played mostly Bollywood tunes.

According to Samrat’s father Surendra Dahal who runs the Kathmandu based company Leather Wings, the newly-wed couple may settle down in Mumbai, New York or Kathmandu. Samrat is the youngest of three siblings. His elder brother Suraj is in the education business, and his elder sister Shuvashree is pursuing her Phd in the US. Samrat also studied in the US and is now setting up bio-gas plants in Nepal, starting with tourist city Pokhara. Manisha’s Koirala family has been likened to the Kennedys and Gandhis. Her grandfather B P Koirala was the first elected prime minister of Nepal, and many of her grand-uncles, uncles and aunts have played a key role in politics. She was earlier engaged to the then Australian ambassador to Nepal Crispin Conroy. She later dated American author and speaker Christopher Dorris, and while rumours were rife that they’ll be marrying, they didn’t take the plunge.(Wedding Sutra)

Manisha Koirala ends her marriage with Samrat Dahal

Ever since Manisha Koirala tied the knot with businessman Samrat Dalal in 2010, her marriage has been under the scanner. Actress Manisha Koirala, who will turn 42 Aug 16, ended her two years of married life with Samrat Dahal.Their marriage was going through a turbulent phase, which was made apparent by her posts on social networking sites. According to sources, the actress is now staying in Mumbai with a friend, who confirmed that she is quite relieved and happy after it's over. Another friend of the actress revealed that although her marriage to Dalal has failed, she still goes to Nepal as her family is living there.The friend insisted that although Koirala tried hard to save her marriage, the differences only deepened with time.The friend, however, added that the pair has taken the split on their stride. (ANI)

Recently the actress was caught by shutterbugs in an inebriated and a poor state at a party. Manisha also made headlines when she hinted about her shaky personal life on her networking page. She is said to have attended special sessions at Oneness University in Chennai to collect herself as well as to save her marriage.

Manisha Koirala Marriage

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Emotional Song From Satyame Jayathe | O Ri Chiraiyya

A moving, haunting melody that brings out the pain of losing a girl child, music by Ram Sampath, written and sung by Swanand Kirkire.


O Ri Chiraiyya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angana mein phir aaja re X 2

Andhiyaara hain ghanaa
Aur lahoo se sanaa
Kirnon ke tinke
Ambar se chunke
Angana mein phir aaja re

Antara 1
Hum ne tujhe pe hazaaron sitam hain kiye
Hum ne tujh pe jahaan bhar ke zulm kiye
Hum ne socha nahin tu jo ud jayegi
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jayegi
Kiske dam pe sajega mera angana

O Ri Chiraiyya
Nanhi si chidiya
O Ri chiraiyya
Nanhi si chidiya

Antara 2
Tere pankhon mein sare sitaron jadoo
Teri chunar thanak satrangi bunoo
Tere kaajal mein main kaali raina bharoon
Teri mehendi mein main kachhi dhoop maloon
Tere nainon saja doon naya sapna

O ri chiraiyya
Meri chiraiyya
Angana mein phir aaja re

O ri chiraiyya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angana mein phir aaja re

Andhiyaara hain ghanaa
Aur lahoo se sanaa
Kirnon ke tinke
Ambar se chunke
Angana mein phir aaja re

NY Times on Aamir and Satyamev Jayate


MUMBAI, India — Aamir Khan spent more than two decades as one of India’s most admired movie stars, appearing in a string of socially conscious but mainstream films. Now he has gained even more fame as the host of a hugely popular weekly television show that is calling attention to some the country’s longstanding social problems.

Taped in front of a live audience, Mr. Khan’s show, “Satyamev Jayate,” or “Truth Prevails,” is something more than a talk show but less than “60 Minutes.” Mixing Oprah-style interviews on a couch with short reports from the field, it tries to shine a spotlight on festering issues like dowries, domestic violence and indignities in the caste system.

In just three months the show has become a national phenomenon, distributed in seven languages and drawing a cumulative audience of nearly 500 million, according to Star India, India’s largest private TV network, which is owned by News Corporation and which commissioned and broadcast the show.

One of the early programs, in May, provided a vivid example of the show’s influence. Mr. Khan, 47, highlighted a seven-year-old sting operation by two TV reporters who had broadcast footage of more than 100 doctors offering to illegally abort female fetuses. While the legal cases against them languished in India’s notoriously slow courts, the doctors continued to practice medicine.

But just days after Mr. Khan featured the topic on his show, the top elected leader from the State of Rajasthan, where the journalists did their investigation, met with Mr. Khan and promised to have the cases transferred to special courts that expedite the dispensing of justice.

That kind of swift reaction has made Mr. Khan — variously described as India’s Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney or Bono — increasingly sought after by policy makers, social advocates and others who see him as a savior or champion for their causes. In addition to meeting with the chief minister of Rajasthan, he testified before a committee of Parliament about the country’s health care system after he did a program on medical malpractice. And last week he met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to press for a government ban on the practice of having human waste cleaned and carried away by people born into the lowest rungs of the Indian caste system.

He also has a weekly column in The Hindustan Times, takes calls from viewers on a weekly national radio show and is frequently interviewed on prime-time TV news shows.

“Mr. Khan is doing the nation a service by raising important issues which need greater public debate,” said Dr. K. Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India, which is financed by the government and nonprofit organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Shyam Benegal, a respected TV and film director and a former member of the upper house of Parliament, said Mr. Khan has done what many others have failed to do — reach the Indian mainstream by using Bollywood tropes in the service of larger causes. His shows, for instance, always include musical performances, frequently show him crying as he interviews his guests and include jokey banter.

“This is effective because Aamir Khan is a film star,” said Mr. Benegal, who once made shows for the state-owned broadcaster, Doordarshan. “And he is a pretty good P.R. man for himself, as well. And all those things help.”

Mr. Khan’s fame has helped the show attract sponsors like India’s largest cellphone carrier, Airtel and the foundation arm of one of the country’s largest companies, Reliance Industries.

In an interview earlier this month — after spending two hours at the gym to prepare for an coming action film — Mr. Khan likened his approach to the show to his 2007 movie, “Taare Zameen Par” or, literally, “Stars on Earth.” The film, which he directed and starred in, told the story of a family’s and school’s inability to meet the needs of a dyslexic child.

“If I tell you I am making a film on dyslexia, how many people are going to walk into the theater?” he said in a discussion at the Taj Land’s End, a five-star hotel frequented by Bollywood stars. “No one will walk in: ‘Oh, come let’s watch a movie about dyslexia.’ So, I have to tell you it’s a film about childhood and children.”

In the same way, he said, Satyamev Jayate does not announce in advance the subjects he intends to cover.

There is little in Mr. Khan’s upbringing to suggest he would end up hosting such a show. He dropped out of college to pursue his movie career and his first breakout film, in 1988, was a popular Bollywood musical in which his character elopes with his girlfriend because their families do not approve of their relationship.

Starting about a decade ago, however, Mr. Khan began to go down a different path tinged with social activism. In the 2001 Oscar-nominated movie “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India,” Mr. Khan played a villager in colonial India who challenges a British regiment to a cricket match to determine whether his village must pay an extortionate land tax, or lagaan.

Some entertainment industry analysts trace the change to his relationship with Kiran Rao, an assistant director on “Lagaan” who became Mr. Khan’s second wife. Ms. Rao is known for eclectic interests and for making films that do not hew to the well-worn Bollywood formula.

Since “Lagaan,” Mr. Khan has starred in and or produced movies that deal with issues like political corruption, indebted farmers and India’s regimented higher education system. Most popular Indian actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Salmaan Khan, who are not related to Mr. Khan but with whom he is often compared, have largely shied away from such subjects.

“It’s hard for people to remember now that in the 1990’s, that he was a huge star — one of the three Khans,” said Rachel Dwyer, a professor of Indian cultures and cinema at the University of London. “It’s in this decade that he has remade himself.”

Mr. Khan said he does not see “Lagaan” as a turning point for his career. But he acknowledges that Ms. Rao, who he described as “full of life,” helped him become less insular.

While his show has won much praise, it has also been criticized for its sometimes simplistic treatment of complicated subjects. The Indian Medical Association has protested its portrayal of doctors, which it says casts doctors as money grubbing and unprofessional on the basis of a few errant examples.

Mr. Khan and the top executive at Star dismiss that criticism as self-interested.

“We are very clear here that we are mass media, you cannot take the masses out from it,” Uday Shankar, the chief executive of Star India, said in an interview. “In order to keep the masses engaged if you have to simplify, so be it, because anything less would be meaningless. Then it would become an academic paper on the health sector.”

Other critics have argued that the show is too meek in identifying culprits. For example, it did not name the doctors accused of offering illegal abortions.

“He needs to catch a few throats,” said Dilip Cherian, a newspaper columnist and founder of Perfect Relations, a public relations firm. “A little bit of name and shame will probably work well for the show.”

Mr. Khan said he never intended to make an investigative show along the lines of “60 Minutes” and argued that he was having a much bigger impact by bringing big issues in front of mainstream audiences in a way that seeks to shame them out of their apathy. “We are not mincing our words,” he said, but added in Hindi: “Our attitude is not to blame this or that person. We are all to blame. First, you have to understand that.”

Both Mr. Khan and Mr. Shankar declined to provide financial details about the show, other than to say that Mr. Khan’s production company is paid 35 million rupees ($630,000) for each of the 13 episodes of the first season, which ends on Sunday. Both say they would like to do another season of “Satyamev Jayate” but will wait a few months to make a decision.

In the meantime, some of Mr. Khan’s supporters have suggested that he run for elected office, which has often served as a sinecure for Indian film celebrities. Mr. Khan denies any interest in politics.

“He could definitely make a good politician,” Mr. Benegal, the filmmaker and former legislator, said. But he added: “I think. ‘why should he?’ He has already been successful in politics now without being in mainline politics.”

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nepali Movie – Maya’s Bar (Pre-release Review)

New Nepali movie "Maya's Bar" is releasing on 3rd August 2012. It features Rajesh Hamal, Nisha Adhikari, Gajit Bista and Karishma Manandhar. Famous media personality Dinesh DC is the director of the movie.

This movie is very important for Rajesh Hamal, (as he can be seen in a negative role for the first time), Karishma Manandhar (her first come back movie after a long time), Nisha Adhikari (fans high expectations after the success of her movie Apabad).

The budget of the movie is more than a crore and is targeted to both city and rural audiences. Although made with latest technology and hypes, it is still a formula movie. Everyone is having a high hopes for the movie and waiting for this movie to come out.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My thoughts on Shristi Shrestha- Miss Nepal 2012

Ok guys have to write this.. Everyone is talking about Shristi Shrestha and her beauty and what not..People are having high hopes from her..But all I want to say is lets not keep our hopes high...I am not trying to spit the negativity about her but come on lets be honest and realistic here...Beauty is not the only criteria that takes to win Miss World. There is no doubt in my mind that she is impeccably beautiful with nice and sexy body..but I am not sure about her personality and confidence...

I can easily see her winning "America's Next Top Model" as she has got the perfect modelling face but I am not quite convinced about she winning Miss World 2012.
Miss World is not about being beautiful...If that was the case Priyanka Chopra wud have never won Miss World Title...Miss world is about everything; beauty, brain , personality, confidence and right attitude..I kind of believe Shristi Shrestha lacks few of these traits..

I have watched some of her interviews and I have noticed that she lacks the attitude and the personality..The way she talks and answer her questions seems so rehearsed..What reallyyyy bothers me is that she talks toooo low....I have to glue my ear to the TV or my computer to understand what she is saying...I cannot believe that she grew up in LONDOn....I don't expect her to have an English Accent but come on atleast speak up with an attitude...

If you check out her pictures she looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous but like I said I don't have my hopes high for her....I will be ecstatic to find out if she brings home the MISS WORLD 2012 CROWN but i guess for that we have to wait and watch.....However I wish her all the very best for the upcoming contest...

I am shared some of her interview videos....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

DISHANIRDESH: Rekha Thapa - Kantipur TV Part 1

Interview with Rekha Thapa part 1

Interview with Rekha Thapa part 2

Night Queen Exclusive Trailer New Nepali Movie

I hope this movie doesn't turn out to be one of those cheap acts of directors to promote sex...
It is supposed to be based on true story ..lets wait and watch..

Movie: Night Queen
Star Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Hassan Khan, Kalpana Shahi, Usha Kharel
Producer: B.B. Budhathoki
Director : R.B. Khatri

Choli Chhoto Bho - Another Nepali Item Song Ft. Soniya KC

After "Udreko Choli" here comes another Nepali Item Song "Choli Chhoto bho" ...I guess the next one would be "mero choli harayo launa khoji dew na sathi"

I don't know why Nepali directors and film makers are so obsessed with "Choli" these days...Well I guess whatever sells more they are going to go with that...Personally I don't like the song...I didn't find any wow factor in this song other than some cheap dance moves and senseless lyrics..

Its from the movie "Bhyihalcha ni" and Soniya KC is the item dancer of this song.

Malati ko Bhatti – Posters (Rekha Thapa)

Malati Ko Bhatti-Theatrical Trailer

Choreographer- Renasha Bantawa Rai,
Music Director - Kali Pd. Baskota
Cinematographer - Sanjay Lama
Editor- Surendra Poudel
Producers- Gopal Pandey / Ganga Poudel
Executive producer - Narayan Kumar Pandey "Kabil",
Presented by Pradip Kumar Udaya
Writer/ Director - Ganesh Dev Panday

Sunday, July 15, 2012

So called Nepali model.....

This is my second post about our so called Nepali models where nudity has become a norm...I am appalled at the images that I have came across over the internet...I have nothing against modelling career and the growing hype towards Nepali entertainment business. But it really disturbs me when people forget to draw a line between elegance and vulgarity. Modelling is not just about showing cleavage, and exposing their body parts in an obscene way. It's an art which is beautifully captured by professional photographers,choreographers and hard working models.
However in many cases of Nepali modelling profession these essential ingredients seems to be lacking and missing.

Its very unfortunate that because of these images the whole modelling profession is scrutinized and stigmatized in your society. I feel sorry for these self acclaimed models who appear nothing but as an sexual object in their photo shoot. Media take no time to glamorize their nudity in the name of modelling, encouraging such acts in a shameless manner.

Take a look at our so called Nepali Model to see what I am talking about....

Smita Thapa aka baby Thapa pictures