Monday, February 11, 2013

Manisha Koirala Confirms She Has Ovarian Cancer

Manisha Koirala has assured fans that she is in “good hands” amid reports that she is suffering from ovarian cancer. The 42-year-old actress is currently in the U.S. for treatment. In a Facebook message, Manisha hoped that she would recover but stayed mum on her diagnosis. “Dear friends thank you for all your wishes... I m in good place n in good hands..with all your love n prayers I’m sure I’ll was shocking to know but then life is full of must deal with it n move on with faith n dignity.[sic],” 
Manisha wrote Dec. 7. “...what ever is the out come its for best..I know pl don’t worry...I have had a beautiful life so far n I know, what ever will happen will all be good...thank you from bottom of my heart for your m koirala.” 
In a similar message, Manisha wrote, “Dear friends I m writing this as a no sadness,I havev told my closest friends n family too..this is part of life..I m fine n will be fine no matter the out come..I m in gratitude with all the gifts I have received from this your love n prayers..lets celebrate life in all forms..thank you again for ur m.”