Friday, March 30, 2012

Nepali Guy Arrested for killing Girlfriend

I am not sure how to react on these kinds of news anymore....Its such a shame that killing each others has become a norm in our country. I am stunned by these sort of heinous crime committed by our so called new generation or lets say youth of our country.

A guy makes a girl pregnant and the only way he saw himself getting out of the situation is by killing her. WOW!!! When things like this happens I fail to understand whom to blame for this whole situation. There is no doubt in my mind that the GUY is solely responsible for taking someone else's life. In this case killing two lives. One of the girl and one of the fetus. I hope he rots in hell for doing this....

I hope the Victim in this case the Girl Rests in Peace. I am truly saddened by the below news....


Police arrested 21 years old youth on charge of killing his girlfriend.

Saughat Dhakal from Kapilbastu currently living in Kupondole has been charged for killing his girlfriend Bhawana Karki. 25 years old Karki, a native of Gatthaghar Bhaktapur, was living in a rented room at Jwagal, Kupondole and used to work at a call centre of Baneshwor.

The incident was occurred on March 23, but, the murder came to the light only after the week-long-closed door of the room was opened yesterday. There was a deep cut on her throat by a sharp Khukuri, according to police.

During investigation, it has been found that Karki was five week pregnant and she was constantly pressing Dhakal and his mother for marriage. According to police, Dhakal has confessed of murder and during interrogation he has said that Karki has warned him to kill his mother if he did not marry her.

It is also learnt that Dhakal had been in relationship with another girl as well.

Earlier in August also, girlfriend was murdered and Lalitpur closure was announced in protest against it which has heated the capital.