Friday, March 2, 2012

Sita Pariyar Nepali Stripper in USA

Sita Pariyar who is a temporary immigrant in US has became a professional stripper. Source said that finding her doing this for money her relatives have left her for good. Well, many other in online comments said; its her personal life so she has right to live as the way she want it. Its a daring act of Sita, actually in South Asia like in India or in Pakistan This kind of stripping is done by only those girls who do not have family or relatives so that no one is affected or suffers the stigma of fame and prestige. But Sita Should think before she do this, What her parents, father, brother, relatives feel when they see her nude videos and photos everywhere on the net. How they will feel in the society? But then again who are we to judge??


She is the most beautiful girl in the world. With a body and a face like this she should not only stripping, but do some nice adult movies!