Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inter-caste a solution for castism ? | Untouchbility should prevail ? | Episode 10 on Satyamev Jayate

Caste is possibly Hinduism's biggest embarrassment on the world stage. A majority of population of our country do not even acknowlegde this to be a problem. Whats wrong with caste, they would ask.

People try to justify casteism with all kinds of theories. The much popularized is the blame to vedas but its the only vedas to be blamed? or its more of basal instincts of human, A more popular reason is that lower castes tend to be unclean and thus to be seggregraeted.

Once again the team of Satyamev Jayate was on target. It might be hard to digest for Young urbans of our county, but its true untouchabiity is still prevalent in our nation and also in our society.

The debate regarding the caste is not a new things, its been happening for years, different groups with different solution, but very people have understood it. Sad is the our parents who we love can never aspect the change of belief, do we blame society or vedas or lack of human in us?

One of my favorite scenes from movie swades, talks castism at broader level comparing our society with west culture.

This scene from Swades movie gives an example of how castism is understood at various sector with a believe " Jo Kabhi Nai Jaati uski ku Jaati Khete hai".

When we acknowledge that the problem lies with racism, we have to accept that the only true solution that can be offered is that of deleting the very notion of race. This is probably hard to implement in the global circumstances, but can very well be achieved in our society.

Whether they like it or not, Our Society are a completely mixed race. So, it is ridiculous for them to continue with the ancient customs of racial seggregation. The only solution to racism (caste) lies in discouraging within-caste marriages.

Please notice that I am not just saying inter-caste marriages should be encouraged. This is true. But apart from this, a viable solution needs to have a definite element of discouraging within-caste marriages.

Inter-caste marriages suffers its own consequences specially if a family is more orthodox, this explains how one's daughter or son are boycotted to follow one rule of culture or society or name it a religion to abide the most natural thing human can experince - love to his own blood.

Indiviudal code of conduct is the way to start or address this problem. One of highpoint of this show was discussion with Justice Chandra Shekar. One of his solution of new age society should follow is Never ask anyone's caste, never answer anyone's caste is the way to live life. He also mentioned if Brahmins are given broom to clean and lower caste takes up Gita or vedas that would solve all the problems of our society then we have all human as equal, who decides for themselves not by any caste,color,skin or family.

Cast-ism or any kinda of discrimination issue, needs to be taught, understood and explained.To an extend that we should abide.

Watch Satyamev Jayate and decide are you the one who discriminates or the one who is been discriminated. Never let them anyone do it or never do it anyone. We are human with equal rights.


One of the best episodes, i like the way how it was constructed with a story of women to stalin's movie then followed by justise chandshankar.

what I especially liked here was the overall sophistication of the episode, something that I haven’t necessarily felt in every other case, certainly not to this degree. Two points that stood out were a)the linking of all this to ‘scriptural’ tradition

the prevalence of caste in Islam, Sikkhism, Christianity, religions that otherwise explicitly deny such divisions (of course they’re marked by the ‘Indic’ sign in each case..more of indian soceity effect than anything... but nonetheless most people wouldn’t think this was happening)

Ak nicely put. I agree with what u r saying....I dont know u but I have become ur fan....

Thanks Anonymous ! Would appreciate if you can share your thgts