Friday, March 16, 2012

Nepal Gay Cinema

Brokeback Everest: Nepal's Film Industry Embraces Gay Romance

If Hollywood has Brokeback Mountain and Bollywood created a buzz with Fire -- a controversial lesbian love story -- in Nepal, Snow Flowers is poised to become the first Nepali commercial movie to portray a same-sex love story.

Lets not get over exited or judgmental about this movie now. Lets wait and see how this movie will bring revolution to the conservative society and audience of Nepal. Personally, I am eagerly waiting for this movie.

I was a big fan of broke back mountain, but I have to admit I enjoyed and watching the Indian movie Fire. Sometimes Bollywood tend to capture more depth in few scenes than Hollywood. You might think otherwise.

Back to Nepali Gay upcoming Movie, it is set to release next spring, the film stars two of Nepal's leading actresses, Dia Maskey and Nisha Adhikari, and is directed by Subarna Thapa, who also wrote the screenplay beginning two years ago.

"This concept is not new, but what's new is that Nepali-ness is reflected in this movie, the obstacles and challenges," says the France-based director, whose first short film Maalami (Funeral) has been acclaimed in France and Italy.

"The subject is also untouched in Nepali cinema," he explains, "which seduced me. I had always thought it would be a story of two women, and it hasn't changed."

In the background of this production, the LGBTI rights movement in Nepal continues to thrive. Emboldened by a 2007 Supreme Court decision that declared full, fundamental equality for LGBTI people, activists in the country are now fighting for proper implementation of those laws.