Sunday, March 18, 2012

Binita Baral of Chapali Height!!

Beenita Baral (Binita Baral) has always been in media coverage. This year must be both lucky and unlucky.Sticking with some unlucky moment that came across Beenita were, Krisha refused the agreement made with Binita to do the leading role in the film Ke ma timro saathi banna sakchhu. Later some extra cropped posters of her upcoming movie Chapali Height were published which were too controversial. Beside that she recently added two "E" in her name by removing a "I" as recommended by astrologist.
Its hard to believe some of Nepali media have started Yellow Journalism either to get more hits or to decrease stardom of people they write about. They give eye catching headlines with useless content. As no one can stop a emerging talent, Beenita is making her first debut as a lead actress from the movie Chapali Height.
Beenita has already established her self as a model and had acted in few music video too.

I had a short talk with Beenita about her upcoming movie Chapali Height.

Can you share something about the plot of the movie?

Beenita: Chapali height is completly diffrent story in history of Nepali film industry , It has very critical sexual physiology content made in different track . The best part in the movie is character Bini(me) it self a controversy name (haha).. And character also very controversial.. Bini is sweet badmaash yet sexy in the first half than she has to face something unimaginable incident in her life than she becomes sum thing else. Chapali height movie is made for adult audience.

In which expect the movie different that other?

Beenita: As I told already it has very critical sexual physiology content made in different track. Beside that is is female dominant movie. I have got a powerful character.

So what can audience expect from the movie?

Beenita: Audience can get romance love thrill and acton as well but not dhishum type. Haha!! Our goal is not changing anybody's life by this movie there is only entertainment.

Chapani Height is Directed by Dipendra K Khanal and produced by Arjun Kumar. The movie is
starring Beenita Baral, Amir Gautam and Raj Ghimire.


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