Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nepali Actresses Then

Basundhara Bhusal
Bhuvan Chand
Bipana Thapa
Gauri Malla
Jal Shah
Karishma Manandhar
Kristi Mainali
Mala Sinha
Manisha Koirala
Mausami Malla
Melina Manandhar
Niruta Singh
Mithila Sharma
Sharmila Malla
Tripti Uprety

These are the only few names that I can remember when I think of Nepali old and iconic actresses. Something about them that always intrigued me. Among these actresses I have to say Tripti Uprety tops my list.. She has been my all time favorite actress. I wonder where she must be right now...I know she didn't do that many movies but whatever she did she has been an impeccable actress...

I thought of compiling their pictures and was wondering where they must be. I know few actresses like Manisha koirala, Karishma Manadhar , Niruta Singh and Gauri Malla are still around but their hype is completely taken over by the new comers of Nepal Film Industries.

Lots of people have mixed feeling about Manisha Koirala but I think she did her best to represent herself and to build her name and fame in the Bollywood industry. I am sure her journey wasn't that simple. I admire her passion and determination for that.

Basundhara Bhusal, what to say about her...She has never failed to entertain us. Her talent and uniqueness was once the ultimate source of entertainment.

Gauri Malla, Mithila Sharma, Bipana Thapa, Jal Shah and Melina Manandhar were very much liked by the Nepali audience. They have always given us their best performance.

Nepali movie industry back then was quite different from what we are seeing these days... Things have changed....Audience expectations and preference has changed....Movie industry is now completely moving to the new direction....

However, when we think about the legendary Nepali movies there are only handful of names that we can think of....To me its Prem Pinda, Saino, Lahure, Chino, Darpan Chaya, Maitighar, Kusum E Rumal, Kagbeni, Caravan and Bashudev.

If you all think otherwise feel free to write and share..!!


Nepali movie industry has grown and changed but what we see today is lack of quality/maturity in acting and also behavior of current actress | none of them look here to stay more than couple of movies, everyone is so desprate to have short life in nepali movies with lot of fame than learning to be an actress

I agree with what you are saying Aks...but on a positive note people have finally started liking nepali movies...I think in coming years it will be worth watching...