Monday, March 5, 2012

Nepali Movie "Sayad" about aimless youth generation

Sunil Rawal’s ‘Sayad’ has come up with an answer why an elder generation lives a lavish life while the younger generation lags behind. ‘Sayad’ portrays how a 10+2 generation is plagued by teacher and parents’ ignorance.

How a generation paints a bleak dark in the name of freedom will also be answered through ‘Sayad’. How commercialized educational institutions, undisciplined teachers and irresponsible guardians push the future of youths to darkness will be shown in ‘Sayad’, Rawal said.

One caught red-handed while taking drugs but is released owing to political pressure and how this incident imparts a negative effect on them will also be shown in the film.

A death of a youth is enjoyed as a fun by his colleagues addicted to drugs. Intoxicated youths even try to kill their guardians. “Sayad finds out the root cause of drug addiction and its impact in the society,” Rawal says.

Rawal, Wilson Bikram Rai, Jharana Thapa are seen in the movie directed by Suraj Subba. Rawal who deserted bank job for film making has expected a lot from the movie. He expected the film which is being released in the New Year unveils the cause of youth troubles and turns out to be big hit.