Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya Clash with Media Reporter

Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya’s tussle with a Media reporter in a public program has urged a raging controversy. Images and videos from an event in what Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya seem to brawl with a News reporter has trending discussions on rights and wrongs.

In an event organized to celebrate Nepali movie Loot’s 51 days success, Nisha Adhikari is seen clashing with journalist Anup Bhattarai as he tries to take images of her. Supporting Nisha is another celebrity and media personality herself Sahana Bajracharya who is seen to snatch the camera from Anup’s hand. If someone were to make decisions based on what is seen in the video above, Sahana and Nisha fall on the wrong side.